Our dental clinics team provides many kinds of dentistry services such as:

General and preventive care

A wide range for a preventive and general dentistry care. We put focus on examining root canals and the overview state of teeths health.

Cosmetic solutions

Our range of cosmetic dentistry solutions includes such vitals as teeth whitening as well as a laser dentistry.

Restorative solutions

Restoring teeth in bad condition is what we specialize in. It may include laser restoration and Invisalign service.

Additional treatments

Peoples dentistry issues may vary. Thats why we have a lot of non-conventional treatments, including X-ray scanning.


Diagnodent is an important part of our Orthodontics services. We also have a diverse choice of braces and brackets for teeth straightening.

Dentures & denture repair

If you need a new denture or if youre in need of fixing your old one, broken denture were at your service!


Teeth cleanings, Fluoride and Sealant are just a few of our advanced diagnostics and preventive dentistry services!

Pediatric dentistry

Its crucial to check Childrens Oral Health even more often, than the adults teeth. That is due to baby teeth, and we know how to fix that!